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Have you been Trying to Explore other Markets? But you Found it difficult because...

- You can not connect with the buyers you need

- You get no replies to your sales E-mails

- You are not confident to ship your goods
to unknown territory

- There is no time to do it all

- The investments to do physical sales in all
countries is huge

- You are wasting money on expensive marketing


Save time, save money, and grow your business,
as a member of the CrossTrades Network.

Managed Network 24/7

Access to African and Asian markets

Yearly Conferences

"Virtual" Conference exhibition

Online Directory & Tools

Connect with Freight Specialist Worldwide for your Shipment

Legal Services (Maritime Law)

1 Yearly fee, no commissions

We don't just care about making connections. We care about you. And we only promote trusted traders.

• Wide range of products, services
and commodities.
• 3 Membership levels to suit your needs.
• 25 Years Industry Experience.
• More Business generated... Guaranteed.

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If you don’t generate new business through the network,
while being an active member, we will help you find out why,
and we’ll work with you to get results.

You will remain our member for FREE until you do
secure extra business thanks to being part of the
CrossTrades network.

CrossTrades, your window to the world.

You want to sell your goods in different markets, and give your sales teams the best tools to do so. Without the ability to connect with the buyers you need, it will be a huge investment to do sales campaigns in several countries. And the process will be slow.

We understand you don’t want to spend tons of money on expensive marketing campaigns. We help you to connect with the right business partners. Imagine being able to showcase your products to qualified buyers, Anywhere in the world.

Your sales teams will move fast and efficiently, and new customers will Find your products easily.

Sell more of your products... Worldwide

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